Last week Niklas Zennström, together with Atomico visited Helsinki to talk to startups and promote their early stage investment company. I had the chance to sit down with Zennström and talk about the Nordic and Baltic investment environment, Atomico as well as some of their investments. Below is the first part of the video interview in a little over 7 minute clip.

In the first part of the interview, we talked about how Zennström sees the Nordics and Baltics personally, as he started his career in the telecom industry even before beginning work on Skype. Furthermore, he discussed the philosophy Atomico has towards their investments and how they work with startups.

One of the key points that came out of the discussion is that Atomico has a very pro-founder way of working with their startups. Zennström stated that, while being an entrepreneur himself, they optimally want to work with startups in such a way that the founder is always in the driver’s seat.

Not many know Atomico, but they immediately were able to position themselves as one of the most interesting investors in Europe. We’ll be releasing the second part of the interview tomorrow.