Video: Copenhagen Suborbitals Sapphire Launch

    I imagine many of our readers are working in the startup scene, which comes with an inflated sense of self-worth and job satisfaction. Yes, I am absolutely doing some psychological projecting here, but regardless, watch the video below the fold by Copenhagen Suborbitals to knock yourself down a peg and start wondering if you’re really doing anything worth doing in this life.

    For a little background, Copenhagen Suborbitals is basically NASA meets your neighbor’s garage – a nonprofit organization grown entirely on private sponsors and part-time specialists. It’s their goal to show the world that human space flight is possible without major government budgets and administration.

    This rocket was their first to use active guidance, which helped the rocket to follow a straight trajectory, and not get pushed by the wind. You can see that in action in the replays starting around 16:50, which graphs the rocket’s track downrange. You can see after it reaches its apogee and the rockets cut, the wind really starts pushing it.

    But look at the way that rocket want to get out of here! These guys are doing it.

    Their capsule is also in production, and just yesterday they got their hands on a DIY space suit, which they will be testing. You can read more about that on their WIRED blog.

    Are there any other space-related projects from our region we should keep our eyes on?