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Vendorio Cranks Up Startups' International Sales

Jussi Määttä and Juho Mäyränpää started Vendorio after first trying their hand at selling Google Apps and a side SEO marketing business. As things started to pick up, they realized it was hard to scale up sales, so they looked for a company to help them. After nothing met their needs, they realised that there were probably lots of companies out there with the same problem, so they decided to put their sales expertise into a new solution.

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The result was Vendorio, a sales solution for companies looking to expand their B2B sales. Their model is kind of interesting, as it forces a more serious relationship. Companies pay them a small retainer fee, and then any commission made from a sale eats into that retainer fee.

“The small commission guarantees they treat us as if we would be their sales directors,” says Määttä.

Vendorio has recently started building up its Asian sales networks in Singapore in cooperation with Aalto Consulting, and also has representatives in Finland, Australia, the U.S., and many other countries.

To work with Vendorio, Määttä says a company needs to have references in its domestic markets. Määttä points out that a company’s CEO is obviously the best salesman, especially in the beginning stages where the CEO needs to know how he can shape his product to fit the needs of their first customers. So Vendorio’s solution works best when a startup has its product figured out, and needs to scale abroad quickly.

“Startups know how to sell, but their home markets are not that big so companies are forced to go abroad very fast.”

The two partners behind Vendorio are both experienced working with startups and larger organisations. Previously they’ve worked as entrepreneurs in mobile and media businesses, and after that moved to work at large IT companies.

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