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VC funds rated

While crucially important, fundraising can hugely distract entrepreneurs’ focus from growing the business. The process for getting funded is often long and rough, and the long-term value of the relationship uncertain. Also the treatment of companies vary by fund. TheFunded addresses these problems and offers to help entrepreneurs to find the best funding sources by enabling them to share information about VC funds.

Threre are three target audiences:

  • early stage entrepreneurs looking for funding, either first time or those having exited a previous company
  • fast growth entrepreneurs that have many different funding sources to consider
  • any entrepreneur willing to scrutinize on funds before engaging and sharing Board seats

The service offers a global database of funding sources along practical insights from those who have dealt with the funds. It’s possible to do searches and view facts, reviews, and commentary. Entrepreneurs, CEOs, and CxOs can join as members based on applications. Members benefit by having access to all reviews and venture funds’ contact information, and being able to rate and comment fund and partner performances.
Finnish VC funds are also featured in the service.

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