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VARTA.UA auto service – a revolution in the automotive services market in Ukraine
“We will turn the field of automotive services upside down, making them as convenient and affordable for car owners as possible and beneficial for those who provide them,” says the founder of VARTA.UA
If you are a car owner, then, for sure, at least once in your life you have encountered the search for a master for your “iron horse”. To do this, I had to call the same familiar motorists, look for ads in newspapers and Internet portals, ask for advice in various forums. And why was it worth traveling around most of the service stations in the area.
Fortunately, all this will be in the past, if you use the service of auto services VARTA.UA.
VARTA.UA service performs several tasks at once
Our car services exchange collected on one site data from masters of all profiles who provide services to car owners from different cities of Ukraine. Therefore, if your car is out of order, it needs an inspection or any other procedures, just leave a request on the site indicating the make of the car, year of manufacture, city and a description of the problem.
Each master of a similar profile will receive the application precisely from the required settlement or the one closest to it. He will be able to send his answer, indicating the cost, the planned lead time and other important nuances.
VARTA.UA Exchange protects both parties from any unpleasant situations by signing special agreements developed by lawyers taking into account all the nuances.
Another protection method is a special rating system. Contractors receive points thanks to customer reviews, and this clearly encourages them to complete the work on time and with the highest quality. If the customer is dissatisfied and leaves a negative comment, the rating will drop significantly.
But the most important thing that we offer in the task of protection is a Safe Deal. The principle of its use is simple: if you need to pay a deposit to the party that provides the services, the money is reserved on our service and only after confirmation of the order is sent to the Contractor.
How did the VARTA.UA service begin?
The automobile services exchange has two founders: Viktor Kovalchuk from the city of Lutsk and Volodymyr Labo from the city of Ternopil. They met on the Internet: at that time everyone was engaged in a similar project.
Victor, who has worked in trading for more than 10 years, launched his stock exchange in January 2019, and Volodymyr, a programmer by education and vocation, in April, when they decided to cooperate, just started the launch of the project. Together, now the partners are engaged in the improvement of VARTA.UA.
The “revolutionaries” in the field of automobile services started from the demand today – the purchase and driving of cars from Europe. As Viktor Kovalchuk likes to say: “This is part of an elephant, because in order to eat it whole, it is worth biting off in small pieces.” During the existence of the exchange, the service has become popular throughout Ukraine. And for those who drive cars from Europe, it has become much easier to look for customers.

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