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Vamos Releases Android App To Help Target Latin American Market

Vamos has released a new Android app to complement their iOS event discovery app. Vamos CEO Luis-Daniel Alegria tells us that one reason they built the Android app was to target the growing Android userbase, but another reason was to follow the needs of their users.

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“We’re starting to see extreme growth from South America. In Chile [on Monday] we had a big boom and saw 750 downloads in one day, and that put us in the top 3 in social networks, and 11th overall. Now we’re targeting the majority that are Android users, as well as the high end users that have an iPhone.”

Currently the app is only available in English, but soon they are localizing it to Spanish, Portuguese, German, and French. Alegria’s parents are originally from Chile (while he grew up in Sweden and now their team has relocated in Berlin).

The Android app has an updated design from the iOS version, and includes a few helpful features to help you find and attend events, such as a scroll feature for the map screen, and countdown timers until events.

The new iOS version is pending approval in the App Store, and will have a new feature called “upcoming events” to let you know what’s happening on the weekend. Currently Vamos just solves the problem of “what’s happening right now?” or in a few hours, but it will be handy to see the events you’ve been invited to for the weekend without digging through Facebook.

When we first covered Vamos I was worried if they would be punished by an un-googleable name, but clearly it’s a good buzzword for the Spanish speaking markets and the rest of the world. As a person that’s out of the loop too often, I find myself opening up Vamos to see what’s happening. It will be interesting to see how they monetize event discovery, but right now it’s a worthy app for your phone.

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