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Bob Helsinki, a Helsinki based advertising agency, has disclosed some interesting figures regarding Valkee in their application to Grand One, a Helsinki based annual gala for ad agencies. In the application, the agency states, that Valkee sold 691 devices during the two month campaign period from October 11th to December 12th last year. 691 devices at 185€ a piece yields a nice 127 835 euros. However, the agency later discloses that they sold a lot more by early January.

This is only a fraction of sales naturally as the device itself was in news a lot more after the period. The 691 devices were sold through the Valkee website with a conversion percentage of about 0,8%. The campaign was widely promoted in Finnish press, both in paid and earned form. Bob Helsinki states that gross contacts for the campaign were somewhere around 3 million.

The more interesting bit of information here is that they commonly agreed on a sales target of 5000 devices by mid March. This was reached in early January. Sales of 5000 devices at 185€ a piece yields 925 000 euros in sales. That’s pretty astonishing for such a short period of time from a completely new device.

The campaign was bought from Bob Helsinki and it involved three steps; arousing interest, the human experiment and sales. First the company aroused interest in social media and the press. Secondly, Valkee conducted a “human experiment” where it let users themselves state how the device works. Thirdly, the focus was on sales of the device.

Not many startups buy marketing campaigns from advertising agencies. However, it’s obvious that in this case for Valkee it paid off easily.

Valkee is an Oulu based technology company that has created a new way to cure seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Valkee is also backed by many high level investors such as Esther Dyson as well as Anssi Vanjoki, a former Nokia executive among others. Back in December we disclosed that the company was valued at only 4 million euros in the round Dyson and Vanjoki took part in. With a million euros in sales by early January, it seems that the investors signed themselves into a good deal.

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