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Valkee is the Finland based company developing a headset that beams light onto one’s brain. It has enjoyed significant sales, but also significant criticism from many individuals and parties around. Last night, we saw first signs of evidence to prove that the device actually works as told. With the release of the scientific study, the company released a new version of their website as well. The new website discloses that they have studied the device and its effects since 2007 with the aide of 20 scientists in the University of Oulu in Northern Finland.

The scientific study is a significant release as it has been anticipated by many. Despite the article being released now by Valkee, it has not been “officially peer reviewed”, ie. published in other scientific journals. The PDF showing the executive summary of the study states that the study is to be published.

Valkee’s research, conducted over 350 study subjects concludes the following, according to the Valkee website:

  • The human brain is photosensitive
  • Valkee causes activity in the brain through the ear canal
  • Valkee is an effective way to increase energy and cognitive performance, reduce anxiety and treat mood disorders, especially seasonal depression

Certainly this won’t silence the debate about the true value of the device, but it is a first step in the right direction. Valkee has also stated that they will continue to release scientific studies during 2011.

Update 30th May, 2011: Timo Ahopelto, one of the investors working with Valkee has posted and corrected the sentence we’ve striked out: “The current paper that Valkee released is a presentation from the ISMRM Annual Conference 2011 in Montreal. Science presented this way is reviewed, and a standard practice in medicine to start with presentation, to be followed with article.”