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Vailoma logoVailoma Oy, a company enabling community generated guides and tips for travel planning, has secured seed financing from Valve Branding Oy and Veraventure. The amount invested was not disclosed.

Vailoma offers currently over 260.000 destinations, cities, sights and so forth to help make decisions on the next travel destination. The content is gathered from all over the internet and filtered by the community. You build up a profile to enable suggestions based on what kind of holidays and travels you enjoy.

Valve Branding, which also invested in Jaiku, wants to seek new investments in the area of internet startups. “Valve sees Vailoma as an interesting opportunity to participate in the development of an interesting web service. We received some experience with Jaiku and this time we wanted to be a more active”, says Toni Laturi from Valve.

The investement is aimed towards internationalisation and the launch of the service (it is currently in private beta). Vailoma is also recruiting – web developers and GUI designers.

Update: Apparently Valve did not invest in Jaiku and therefore the information above was false.

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