Unmonday Launches Hifi Wireless Speaker

Tech geeks who like to be the center of attention are always interested in high performance speakers. The markets have many variations of these boom blasters, but Finnish startup Unmonday launched their multi-channel ceramic wireless speaker some months ago.

Since then, the speakers have gone along and prosperous journey filled with positive reception and now, well, within a few days, we can expect to see them retailed in selected Apple stores around Europe. Apple has highlighted their liking to the speakers and this might take Unmonday far indeed.

The hexagonal Unmonday Model 4.3  guarantees a high performance and user adaptive speaker that can be managed with devices that support the Apple AirPlay feature.

A cool aspect of the form is that position detection sensors control how the speaker behaves, so rotating the speaker puts it into mono-, stereo- and hometheater purposes by connecting the speaker with a maximum of four sister speakers. The wireless connection was made strong enough for the speakers to work with each other in different rooms if necessary.

“We didn’t want to make any compromises between the quality of the sound and the wireless, design and durability aspects, or any other aspect, and that’s why the speaker turned out to be unique”, says product designer Saku Sysiö.

The Unmonday Model 4.3 casing is made of hand made vitroporcelain, which should survive longterm casual use.

“We wanted that the Unmonday Model 4.3 removes all the stress that speaker installation commonly causes. The inbuilt battery makes up to 8 hour constant use possible without any AC”, says Jarkko Jämsén, CEO at Unmonday.