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Friday, March 31, 2023

Nordic open source feature management platform raised a $14M Series A

Oslo-based startup Unleash raises 14 million dollars in the Series A funding round led by Spark Capital with participation from Frontline Ventures, firstminute capital, Alliance Venture, and Arkwright X. The open-source feature toggle platform enables clients to experiment by testing multiple variants of the new feature without impacting applications performance. To do so, it allows users to roll out new features in a controlled manner with feature toggles. The company already has over a hundred paying customers across the world. Norwegian startup will be able to benefit from the capital to expand its team and further with new investments around the world.

Unleash raises a $14M series A to make feature management available open source

DevTools are a critical part of true developer efficiency and open source is the only thing that makes sense for dev tools. Being the largest open-source feature management tool in the market today – Unleash announced that it has raised $14M in its Series A led by Spark Capital. This round allows the company to strengthen Unleash as the tool-of-choice for any developer looking to adopt feature management.

Software developers are looking for tooling that supports their needs, but also their curiosity and eagerness to learn and develop their knowledge – for this reason, Open source devtools is the only thing that makes sense. 

Unleash, Egil Osthus“Open source DevTools are by definition more flexible than their closed source alternatives. Having access to the source code allows the developers to adapt or adjust the behavior of the open source devtool to fit their needs.

For open source projects, there is no need to file a feature request to the big closed source vendor, and then hope for them to deliver your needed feature at some point in the future. If you need it, you are welcome to build it.” – Egil Østhus – CEO and Co-founder Unleash

Together with their employees, the Unleash community, their customers and their investors, they have been able to achieve a lot since the project was started. With the latest funding – they are able to take Unleash to the next level. They plan to triple their organization over the next few months, significantly increase the investment in the product and further improve the Unleash developer experience. They expect to see an even higher level of activity and more deliveries coming for Unleash. They will also continue to expand their go-to-market team bringing Unleash to an even larger audience.

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