Unity's Growth Continues: 750,000 Registered Developers

    Copenhagen originated Unity Technologies announced on Tuesday that its development platform for games and interactive 3D has surpassed 750,000 registered developers. This marks a 50% increase in developers in just four months and it appears that Unity is bringing the year to a close with continued record growth.

    After receiving a $12 million Series B investment from Asian venture capitalists in July, CEO David Helgason predicted that 40% of Unity’s business will come from China within the next 18 months. No details were released on where the current growth is coming from, but the figures are definitely impressive. Over the course of the past year, the number of registered developers has tripled from 250,000 to 750,000 (26% active monthly) and Unity Web Player installations have doubled from 40 million to 80 million.

    Unity’s digital content marketplace (Asset Store) and distribution service (Union) have also experienced parallel growth figures. Launched just over a year ago, the Asset Store has reached 50,000 registered users and the sales figures for the store’s top grossing developers have more than quadrupled from $2,500 a month to $10,000+ a month.

    “The Asset Store has proven to be an fantastic way for developers to gain access to benefits that only the largest studios used to have,” said Nicholas Francis, Chief Creative Officer at Unity Technologies. “I think this is an awesome way for small developers to be able to focus on what they do best and to get work from other creators that complements their skills.”

    The Union distribution service is showing immense popularity as well. It helps developers publish their product on as many platforms as possible with zero additional development costs. “With Union, Unity Technologies is providing a risk-free opportunity for developers to find those platforms, make more money and reach new audiences,” said CEO Helgason.

    Unity Technologies is planning to release version 3.5 of its development platform before the end of the year.