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Unity Technologies, a Copenhagen originated startup now based in Silicon Valley, has closed a $12 million in financing from WestSummit Capital in China and iGlobe Partners in Singapore, according to Techcrunch. The financing round is Unity’s second and an investor from the first round, Sequoia Capital, also participated in the round.

Unity Technologies has their own platform, which is mainly used for gaming and 3D. However, the company states that it is also used in other industries such as training simulations, medical and architectural visualisations on many different platforms; iOS, Android, consoles and so on.

The company has also grown its install base of its platform nicely. In 2007 there were a little over 2 million installations, where as in 2011 there have been close to 67 million installations to this date.

Unity Technologies has also stated that it has some 500 000 developer accounts from which 150 000 are active, according to Techcrunch. 12 000 of the active accounts are from developers in China. CEO David Helgason states that in 18 months China-based developers should make up 40% of Unity’s business.