Underwater Navigation From Finnish Startup

Ariadna Tech plans to change the dynamics of underwater navigation, empowering scuba divers with a new real-time positioning technology.

In the underwater realm, where traditional GPS fails due to poor signal reflection, a navigation solution for newbie scuba divers has long been awaited. Now, Ariadna Tech plans to offer this through an inertial navigation data fusion principle which can locate the position of divers and help them orientate in water as they could on the ground. At the same time, user activities will be collected through a wearable gadget for post dive analysis visualized in 3D on Google Earth.

“Our service would enable users to truly focus on exploring marine life without technological limitations… The vision is that all divers in the world should have the latest and safest technology in their reach, regardless of the divers’ level of experience, ” says Pasi Lahtinen, Marketing Director and Co-Founder at Ariadna Tech.

The company vows to release a wrist-worn device which features a leg-mounted navigation gear and an intuitive user interface like that of Sports Track, early 2017.