U.S.-Finnish Carbo Culture raises $6.2 mln seed round

CO2 removal startup Carbo Culture said it has raised a $6.2 million seed financing round led by True Ventures, co-led by Cherry Ventures with participation from Übermorgen Ventures and Adrian Bührer and a fleet of experienced angels and its early investors.

“This marks a new stage for us, which means new resources into people, engineering, R&D and product development. In the coming months, we’ll be commencing the engineering works on our technology scale-up, hiring and finding new partners in customers as well as universities and research labs,” the company said in a statement.

The still-nascent field of carbon removal is fast becoming the critical component of the global climate strategy. Carbo Culture aims to become a cost and efficiency leader in the carbon removal space.

“We believe venture capital should play a greater role in creating a sustainable planet, and Carbo Culture has so many of the right ingredients for solving one of the earth’s most pressing problems. Demand for carbon capture is rising, and meeting this demand will require some reimagining.”

Toni Schneider, partner at True Ventures

Photo by Adrian Balasoiu on Unsplash