Two new speakers, Two-for-One tickets ending very soon!

    While much of the received wisdom in startup circles is “don’t dwell on the exit, too much can happen before now and then”, we still want to put people up on stage that have been there before, and know the ins and outs of the process. That’s why today we’re proud to announce two new speakers for our conference Arctic15: Exit Path. Going up on stage we’ve got Julie Meyer and Lena Romanova.

    Before you read on further, we have to remind you that we’ve got an awesome deal on tickets – two for one – which is running out super soon. So grab that colleague or friend, and head on over to our ticket page where we’ll get you sorted out. We’re looking forward to seeing you May 27 and 28th!

    As a quick profile, in 1998 Julie Meyer founded First Tuesday, the network of entrepreneurs and events that began in London and expanded european wide. First Tuesday was sold in July of 2000 for $50 million in cash and shares, which helped Meyer start Ariadne Capital – a fund with the model “Entrepreneurs backing entrepreneurs”. A few of their portfolio companies including Skype, Espotting, Monitise, SpinVox, Zopa, BeatThatQuote and SoundOut.

    Meyer also has been awarded an MBE (Member of the British Empire) for her services to Entrepreneurship, as well as numerous other awards. And as a speaker, she’s spoken at a few TEDx events where she kills it. We’re looking forward to having her up on stage.

    Lena Romanova will be interesting to have on stage because she’s covered nearly every side of the “exit path” angle. At 16 she started the first mail-order business in Latvia after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Since then she’s worked as an investor, in Private equity, in M&A, and international business development. As an investor, she’s been involved with HgCapital, where she was on the Technology Investments team, as well as Catalyst Venture Fund and also for Ariadne Capital.

    Currently she acts as Managing Director of Granita Capital, and we’re excited to hear her Baltic perspective of working with companies like Skype, and to hear what she’s learned from being on all sides of the “exit path” table.

    And again, head on over to to see the rest of our speakers and grab tickets before our the early-early bird tickets run out!