Two Arctic Companies to Pitch at LeWeb

    LeWeb has announced their startup contestors and judges for this year’s Startup Competition. From the 30 companies there is one from China and Israel, five from US and 23 European companies, including Finnish Zipipop(previously covered) and Estonian based instant website creator Edicy.

    The deal is that each company gets 7 minutes to pitch to the judges on the day. Winners of the competition will then have a chance to present their companies on the LeWeb main stage and additionally SUN Microsystems will offer a server to three final winners.

    We at ArcticStartup congratulate and hope for the best for all startups but especially for our own Zipipop and Edicy. At least Zipipop has a nice track record with a win at Mobile 2.0 Europe and recent experience at Mindrek Startup Launchpad.
    See the full list.