Twingly Announces Project Shinobi

    Twingly, the Swedish blog search engine, announced earlier this afternoon that as of October 1st they will be shifting into the next gear by launching “what will become the next great platform for social media“.

    Obviously they’ve not just been adding new flags to their partner list, but also busy cooking new stuff in the Twingly kitchen, or as to put it in their own words (The Announcement):

    “With Project Shinobi, we are aiming to provide a more social, more relevant and more realtime experience, integrating with the services you already use.” 

    I’ll be honest, Twingly’s microblog search, together with their blog search, has become a complete necessity for me. Both Google Alert and Google Blog search are just way too slow and inaccurate. And it’s not just a hunch – my Google Reader gives me the hard facts with feeds from both sources with the same search terms. When it comes to speed Twitter live search is the only one that can compete, but then again, it’s only for Twitter.

    One can only guess but trying to read between the lines I’d expect Twingly to connect to all my social services, rank my connections and deliver me my “Must read” content automatically. A kind of a mix of what Topsy and DailyPerfect are doing?

    Anyhow, I’m very excited, as well as truly hoping to see Twingly harvesting what’s on the table of the open social web within the Shinobi project.

    The lips at Twingly are sealed so until October 1st I’ll just have to do what a real Shinobi ninja would do: “I do not sleep, I wait.

    cc: Team Dalog