Twingly Acquires From Aftonbladet

    In December Twingly announced it has acquired from Aftonbladet, allowing Twingly to add the categorizatoin and visitor numbers provided by bloggportalen. The site is now redesigned and moved over to the Twingly servers, but still kept separate from the main Twingly Blog Search features. Twingly says it’s now the best meeting point for bloggers and blog readers in Sweden.

    One reason behind the purchase seems to have been to provide a more consumer facing features Twingly’s blog search engine. Anyone can go to Twingly and search for blogs, although the majority of their 25m+ searches per month happen through their API.

    Twingly also provides Twingly Blogstream, which has seen over 40 Twingly Partners sign up to use their Blogstream Widget, which is designed for easy integration into “traditional” media publishing systems. As part of the acquisition deal, both and are moving to Twingly to show blog links on their news articles.

    The redesigned