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Twheel Launches on iOS and Android to Drive Deeper Twitter Analytics

Today online publishers have to earn their audience through catchy headlines in social media, but it’s rough to gauge your Twitter engagement, aside from retweets and favorites. Twitter’s new analytics page gives you some idea of the metrics you can easily derive, but twheel, a Finnish mobile Twitter client, can provide more information to publishers and brands about the actual attention each one of their tweets receives.

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“Media doesn’t own the reader anymore,” says CEO Kalle Määttä, referring to how back in the day media consumers were locked into a newspaper subscription or three TV channels, but today online media consumers pick and choose the headlines that are interesting.

For users, the twheel interface is intuitive, but does have a little learning curve. The app’s main interface looks like a daisy with about 30 petals, which also has the logos of the twitter accounts in your feed.

The petals already give you some information, like a bar graph they provide information on how many retweets a post has received, letting you know if something is potentially more interesting than others.

But Tweel isn’t just a research tool for brands and publishers – it’s worth the download just to try out the user interface, which I find refreshing. By scrolling with your thumb, you can keep you eyes in the same place, letting you crunch through the uninteresting tweets quickly, but easy to stop on ones where you might find better.

This functionality is the main way twheel can provide deeper analytics, by allowing you to see how much brand value and interest you provide followers with. Social media has become more and more of a science, but retweets and favorites have gotten polluted, thanks to the number of bots and auto tweets.

”Measuring attention gives us the superpower of defining whose tweets people enjoy the most, and who pollutes our timelines with low quality waste”

twheel can be found in the App Store and Google Play.

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