Walkbase Releases Tweagle, A Twitter Client Built On Location

    Walkbase, has released Tweagle, a new product taking advantage of the company’s advanced indoor positioning API. Essentially Tweagle is an Android Twitter client that integrates with Foursquare, but with a lot more useful positioning features for the Twitter world. The app looks polished, and makes it possible to hear what people are saying at a certain bar, club, or festival, for example.

    The app has some unique features. To solve the problem of wondering what hashtag you should use at the event you’re at, Tweagle automatically provides relevant hashtags based on your location. Tweagle also ingrates into Foursquare so you can easily plug into that network to share your location while you tweet.

    One core feature of Tweagle is that users can see tweets made around them using the local feed. This is expanded by allowing users to also follow locations on a wall, much like they already follow people.

    The Turku, Finland and Mountainview based company’s technology allows location-based services to become much more accurate. Walkbase’s technology allows each tweet made through Tweagle to be tied to a location on a room level, rather than the fuzzy estimate used in most of today’s mobile positioning technology.

    Tweagle looks like a useful and polished app, so hopefully they will expand it to more platforms rather than this just being a one-off demo of the Walkbase positioning technology.

    The app can be found on the Google Play store.