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TutoTOONS reaches 50 million downloads, growing 10x in 10 months

Lithuanian game creation platform for non-coders TutoTOONS has reached 50 million downloads and ten times more daily players than a year ago.

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Just as we were watching Sorry as a Service win this year’s SV2B pitch, the winner of last year’s Silicon Valley Comes to the Baltics TutoTOONS is showing great traction over the last 12 months.

The platform began with a clear focus on children, with 3-8 years old girls still being the most active players. Before TutoTOONS, founders spent 6 years operating a dedicated game development studio for kids. They noticed an abundance of tools for professional game developers, yet almost no way for a non-techie teacher or parent to create a game.

Essentially, we are a Power Point for making games. We give people who can draw an intuitive framework for making their drawings do what they want.

The interest has been overwhelming. Over 7,000 people from Argentina to Ukraine have tried the platform, with over 300 artists building games with TutoTOONS on a regular basis.

Amazingly, many of these creators are not professionals – the platform is actively used by stay-at-home moms and school teachers with no previous design experience. We had covered some of their success stories here.

Creating a game is free for anyone. Only those who wish to monetize it have to pay. TutoTOONS publishes and promotes the best games on App Store, Google Play and Amazon, taking a cut from its profits. This makes sure their incentives are aligned with game creators.

We’re in game business together with our artists, purely on profit share model. So far, our best-selling game has earned €30K revenue and still adds €3,5K every month

TutoTOONS has most of its creators in Ukraine, Russia, the EU, Latin America and USA. 21% of players are from the US, followed by Brazil, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. It is exciting that 51% of players are spread all over the world, which hints that TutoTOONS games are universally appealing to children, wherever they are.

Based in Lithuania and Spain, TutoTOONS started its activities in early 2014. Since then, the team has released over 150 games, available on App Store, Google Play and Amazon.

TutoTOONS co-founder and CEO Mantas Kavaliauskas does not hide his amazement. Even though they had set ambitious milestones, the surging user growth helped TutoTOONS reach their goals faster than expected.

Going from 5 million downloads at the beginning of the year to over 50 million now, TutoTOONS is excited but quick to set another goal: to double the amount by November, 2016.

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Marija Odineca
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