TutoTOONS hits 20 million downloads in twice less time

    Lithuanian game creation platform for non-coders TutoTOONS has doubled the number of their downloads in just 3 months.

    Since winning SV2B pitch competition last October, games created on TutoTOONS platform had reached 10 million downloads by April 2015 that have now jumped to 20 million in just three months.

    Three months ago, we doubled our last year results by hitting 10 million game downloads. Today we have doubled this number once again and reached 20 million game downloads! We are so excited that our strategy is working and we are quickly rising to the top of Google Play and App Store app charts,” says TutoTOONS startup co-founder and CTO Mantas Radvila.

    TutoTOONS is a free drag and drop mobile game builder for people without coding skills. They focus on games for children where founders have notable experience.

    Creating games with TutoTOONS is free. Any parent, teacher or child can craft his own game and play it. If you want to publish the game, TutoTOONS helps with that, too. Experienced publishers help you, while TutoTOONS receives a share of your profits. In that way, you only pay for the result.

    Available for both iOS and Android devices, TutoTOONS app enables you to make a game using only your smartphone or tablet. Based in Lithuania and Spain, TutoTOONS has released over 120 games to date, available on App Store, Google Play and Amazon.

    When we covered TutoTOONS and their customers three months ago, the team was clear about their next milestones: first, they will double the number of downloads in the next 3 months, second, they will triple their revenue by the end of 2015. First milestone – check, now – work hard for the next one.