TutoTOONS celebrates 10 million game downloads since winning SV2B

    While we celebrated Easter, Lithuanian game artist enabler TutoTOONS celebrated 10 million downloads for its games. After winning the last SV2B pitch in October they have doubled the number of published games from 50 to 100, tripled the number of daily active players from 100,000 to 350,000 and set new ambitious goals for the future.

    The startup has a simple yet powerful vision of letting anyone anywhere make their drawings into games. They’ve got your backend fully covered and you only have to create the story and game graphics like background and character. This has already inspired over 2,500 artists to create their own games, with best 100 now published and available on Google Play, App Store and Amazon. If drawing isn’t your strength either, you can still make a game by choosing from over 200 ready-made backgrounds and characters provided in TutoTOONS library.

    The best part – TutoTOONS is free for personal use. They only charge you if you start selling the game, so creating a tutorial for your child or classroom will not cost you anything. Artists that decide to make money from their games sign a 50:50 revenue share agreement with TutoTOONS and get their support. The revenue made by artists on TutoTOONS now exceeds $60,000 and the rising downloads’ charts make the deal look increasingly attractive.

    “In less than 3 months we doubled our last year results and went from 5 to 10 million game downloads. However, our startup couldn’t reach this milestone just by itself. We’d like to thank all creative people around the world who are making games with TutoTOONS and helping us grow our player audience,” says TutoTOONS co-founder and CEO Mantas Kavaliauskas.

    When we talked to TutoTOONS last time, their main traction was in Lithuania. Now the startup is successfully moving into Russia, CIS and Latin America. TutoTOONS has grown their team in Lithuania and opened a second office in Barcelona to support company growth. Artists creating games with TutoTOONS live all around the world – from Ukraine to Argentina.

    Olga Vasilevskaya from Ukraine, who has created Princess Girls Club, Princess Castle Cleanup and other games with TutoTOONS, is excited: “I love drawing but I have no idea how to code. A year ago I couldn’t even imagine myself creating mobile games on my own, and now I’m even make a living from it!”

    Another artist Corina (originally Venezuelan, now living in Argentina) sees TutoTOONS platform as a great opportunity: “One day I was sketching and the next day I realized I have a perfectly functional free app on the market that cost me no money nor knowledge about programming: just investment of my time. I hope this is the beginning of a long term relationship. Even though I can’t develop the games I had in mind just yet, TutoTOONS just opened a new horizon where education, books, interactions and fun can easily meet together.”

    Corina has so far created three games on TutoTOONS: Golem Epic Adventures, Three Sisters – Daily Dress Up and Three Sisters – Older Sister Daily Care. All three are available on iTunes and bringing income to their creator daily.

    TutoTOONS keeps adding new features to enable artists create even more engaging games. The most recent update had brought animations (e.g., blinking eyes, combing hair or moving wings)  and visual effects (bubbles, smoke, spray and more), which the artist can integrate into his or her game with just two clicks.

    TutoTOONS is a self-funded startup that just reached a break-even point and is now raising a Series A of $1.5M for platform expansion and user acquisition. Their impressive growth stats are coupled with never-slowing ambition: their goal is to reach 20 million game downloads over the next 3 months and triple their revenue by the end of this year. In parallel to that, the startup keeps growing its team and strengthening a community of artists to increase the number of games published with the tool.