Turn Your DSLR Into A Fully-Functioning 3D Camera With Kula Deeper

    The technology of 3D pictures and 3D cinematography dates back to 1915 and those in the know consider 1950’s to be the “golden age” for it. However it only recently became mainstream and today, we see a large proportion of movies coming out in 3D, a lot of us have 3D TV’s and many of us want to experiment with capturing 3D images and video.

    This latter part is usually a little difficult as you need to buy special equipment for the job. Sure, there are 3D cameras that cost as little as EUR 100, but they are usually very limited in their functionality and getting decent video out of them is next to impossible. Especially if you consider yourself a photography/cinematography enthusiast and already own a decent gear set.

    Thankfully, we recently met Kula, a startup from Iceland that built a very simple yet extremely useful tool and software to turn any DSLR camera into a fully functioning 3D camera, albeit with smaller pixel count.

    All you need to do is get the Kula Deeper device, stick it onto your favorite lens and shoot as you would normally. Then you take the resulting image into Kula software, which can make it into any 3D format you might desire such as MOP for 3D televisions. 

    “This is the first product worldwide that provides a complete solution for 3D photography with normal SLR cameras” says Íris Ólafsdóttir, the founder of Kúla.

    Basically it is a simple yet an elegant solution both from hardware and software perspectives. You get to use the full range of functionalities of your DSLR and lenses without having to spend thousands of dollars on very expensive 3D equipment, which will get you the same effect.

    Kula is currently raising funding through an Icelandic crowdfunding company – Karolina Fund and they have already raised EUR 14 282 and have another 5 days to meet their goal. So if you want to take awesome 3D pictures, go help them out.

    It is also of interest to mention Karolina Fund, which is a crowdfunding company from Iceland that started in mid 2012 with an aim to not only provide funding but also a project management tool, which should help the entrepreneurs to stick to their goals. Their platform also allows all users that are a part of the project to help with estimating budgets, making to-do lists and more.
So basically it is a very interesting hybrid between crowdsourcing and crowdfunding that helps to make sure that things get done. It is an interesting idea and we are curious to see how it will work out in practice, so if you go and support Kula, let us know how it all works out. Oh and check out the video below:

    More Fun With Your DSLR! from KÚLA on Vimeo.