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TruthFeed: Social Startup From Finland To Help Share Experiences Globally

TruthFeed logoTruthFeed is a new social startup emerging from Helsinki, Finland that provides users with a platform to share their experiences with a global audience. The idea is to help people take informed decisions based on the overall experience others have had. Think for a minute, you are planning a trip to Helsinki, Finland and you have absolutely no idea what places to visit, what startups operate in the region or who are the top tech bloggers [other than those at ArcticStartup..] you can head over to TruthFeed and learn about all that. How?

That’s the question here. The process is no rocket science, firstly you can go about using TruthFeed anonymously, though signing is always preferable to leverage all available tools. Secondly unlike Twitter, your story can be up to 500 characters, quite enough to briefly narrate your view point. When sharing an experience users are displayed the following form where you can enter the topic with metainformation, your experience and your overall feel about this experience [instructions after the image].

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@ – Use @ to indicate the location of the subject (physical or virtual)
by – Use by to indicate the creator of the subject
(…) – Use round brackets in the end to indicate the type of the subject
Helsinki (city)
XYZ @ Helsinki  (restaurant)
iPhone by Apple (mobile phone)

Overall the startup might very well leverage users looking forward such services. I am not going to go into explicit comparison to undermine what potential this has but it will have to steer through the initial phase and rely on user loyalty to continue with its growth. I guess its founder, Johan Haataja is aware of the plethora of a countless review sites swarming the web and sees the challenges his startup faces. In his own words:

No doubt the web is already full of review sites, discussion forums and information that people can use when they make daily decisions

But I guess most of them are dedicated to a niche category. With TruthFeed the idea is more global approach to everything people might want to share. I mean there are things beyond Cinemas, landscapes that people find more fascinating.

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