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Truly Digital Helsinki Focuses on Building a Digital Ecosystem for the Arts

Coming at you next week in Helsinki is an event the startup community should have on their radar, the Truly Digital conference taking place on Friday the 20th and Saturday the 21st at Kiasma. The conference is actually a string of three events, the previous two were in Copenhagen and Stockholm, and takes a look at art, open data, and digital culture.

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Helsinki’s topic is Open Data is Nothing Without a Narrative, which takes a look the fuzzy borders between public/private, individual/community, online democracy, and engagement. Helsinki and Finland have been really proactive with realeasing open data, making this topic an interesting point of discussion for entrepreneurs that are looking for a new project, or who need to get their heads out of their own startup for a day or two.

Keynote speakers include Timo Vuorensola from Iron Sky, Therese Jonasson from the Nordic Creative Commons Film Festival, Per Strömbäck, from Netopia and Swedish Games Industry, among others. The second day will focus on the Nordic Culture Fund and its upcoming DKK 3 million grant to boost Nordic digital arts and culture.

More information on the event can be found here.

The cost to attend is €90 for professionals and €30 for students, but we also are able to give away five tickets to our readers. The way we’ll run it is that the first five people to email me at greg+trulydigital (åt) arcticstartup.com will get tickets!

Tickets are still available; I’ll keep this updated when they run out!

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