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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Trulioo acquired Copenhagen-based no-code digital onboarding platform

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The Danish start-up HelloFlow was sold to a regulatory technology company Trulioo.  . The acquisition will enable the company to offer customer onboarding and user verification in a much easier and safer way by merging its digital identity verification platforms into one. Trulioo aims to enhance Helloflow’s no-code orchestration solution.

Trulioo and HelloFlow combined the forces

As a leader in global identity verification, Trulioo adopts a mission to prevent identity fraud or theft and create a safe zone for businesses and customers during their transaction processes. To proceed with identities in the digital world, the company aims to build a trustworthy network for identities that is accessible from all over the world. The thing is to eliminate all risks one can come across with digital identities.

trulioo, helloflow

The dazzling speed of the growth in digitalization opens gates for bad actors around us. To make sure their identities are safe during the process, business owners and companies are looking for platforms they can trust so that they can optimize their workflows. The thing is, it is not all about them, but also their customers’ privacy and safety. The combination of Trulioo eIDV, KYB and DocV capabilities and the orchestration solution from HelloFlow will expand how trust is established and extended online.

Copenhagen-based company HelloFlow offers a set of tools that can be set up without battling with codes or anything complicated for managing onboarding workflows. These tools consist of flow builder, client portal, performance engine, risk engine and monitoring engine. All is presented in one single unified platform.

trulioo“Establishing and securing trust online is a foundational step for all digital activity,” says Steve Munford, Trulioo President and CEO. “Our ability to verify both businesses and individuals globally combined with HelloFlow’s advanced orchestration delivers unmatched capabilities and helps us accelerate an end-to-end identity platform that meets the evolving needs of our customers.”

Building or expecting trust with the participation of all parties is a hard thing to do, but offering trust is another thing. Trulioo is trying to ensure its customers will make transactions without worrying about the risks of using their identities on the way of any business or personal matters. The company takes services to almost all kinds of industries from finance to gaming. All is thanks to API integration.

GlobalGateaway, the identification verification platform is used by Fortune 500 enterprises, Global banks, tech giants, and many companies regardless of their sizes. The identity marketplace includes more than 400 trusted data sources. The recent real-time verification status in Trulioo consists of 5 billion consumers and 330 million business entities globally.

Trulioo, helloflow“We set out to build a platform that businesses could leverage for digital onboarding regardless of company size, resources, market or jurisdiction,” says HelloFlow Founder, Mikkel Skarnager. “We’re thrilled to be joining Trulioo and continue the journey of digital innovation and inclusion.”

With the acquisition, HelloFlow and Trulioo will be able to offer services that customers can make sure there is no fraud after fulfilling the needs required by KYC procedures and AML laws.  Trullio is planning to explore more at a global level and extend its team to handle all the needs of its customer network. HelloFlow’s operations will help the company’s growth in Europe.

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