TrueCaller Update: Business Search Comes To UK

    TrueCallerSweden based TrueCaller has progressed steadily after the service launched back in 2009, moving from 7,500 users in August to 27,000 by the end of January 2010. I guess it was only a matter of time from there on the progress has been substantial. The caller identification app that enables users to easily search people via names or numbers.

    The service crossed the 1 million user mark back in March and only announced the support for Business search for users in the UK. The feature will enable users to readily search for companies and get complete information on their address on the map as well as the phone number. Users can also enable Enhanced Search in the application to perform reverse phone lookup utilizing the crowd sourced library.

    We have spoken of it time and again, the winning feature of the application are the social features. Users can integrate their social media profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, showing the latest status updates of each contact when you call them. While this is related to the UK release, TrueCaller also plans at launching version 2.50 for the Symbian users that is promised to bring some improvements to the existing application as well. Just in case you are one of those with a Nokia phone, you can drop a comment on the post here and get the the version 2.50 before it is released for everyone.