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TrueCaller is a Swedish startup that tries to eliminate the existence of unknown or unrecognized numbers. We’ve covered them before on ArcticStartup, but now they’ve reached a milestone definitely worth covering. The company got in touch with us to announce that they have reached 50 million monthly lookups of unknown numbers on their service. Users can both look up numbers through one of their different mobile apps or then through a web interface.

According to Nami Zarringhalam, the CEO of TrueCaller, it took them 20 months to reach 1 million users worldwide with about 30 million monthly lookups. From there, it took the company only about 5 months to reach 1,5 million users doing about 50 million monthly lookups.

Looks like TrueCaller has definitely hit a growth curve of some sort with these kind of figures. All of the major phone platforms are supported and the app integrates nicely with your own address book as well as Facebook accounts to find unknown numbers in your peers.

Below is a graph explaining in short the development of total number of lookups at TrueCaller.

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