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TrueCallerTrueCaller announced last week that they have reached one million downloads and users for their apps. Only a little over a month ago they announced they have 900 000 users, so the growth has been increasing dramatically in the recent months. TrueCaller is a called ID application for the iPhone, Android and Symbian phones. It has social media integrations and features such as call blocking against spam calls.

Alan Mamedi, one of the co-founders behind the company told us that when they launched the service in August 2009, they received 7500 users in the first month. In January 2010 when they started to see bigger growth, they signed up 27 000 users. In January 2010 70% of those users were Symbian users, but a small growing amount of Android users were present as well.

According to Mamedi, in February 2011 they signed up a nice 150 000 new users from mostly Android and Symbian platforms. He also states that Nokia and Google have in his opinion been better with their application stores as most of the traffic to the site comes from there.

Finally, he confirms that with the growth they’re currently experiencing – two million users isn’t far away. It could be as early as the summer.

TrueCaller was co-founded by Alan Mamedi and Nami Zarringhalam. The company is based in Sweden.