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Truecaller Developing app for Android Wear

Truecaller is hopping on the Android Wear train, announcing today it’s developing an app that will bring their services to Android wearables, like smart watches built off Android. It seems like a natural fit – the Stockholm-based company crowdsources users phonebooks to help you find the name behind the number that’s calling, and to crowdsource spammy numbers.

Truecaller’s integration into Android, and now Android smart watches, is a much cleaner use-case than what iPhone users like myself have to put up with. Due to Apple’s control of their operating system, they don’t allow third party apps to get access to calling data, but Truecaller has found a workaround by having you take a screenshot of an incoming call- which the Truecaller app automatically picks up and says verbally who’s calling. When we first wrote about the app it wasn’t available to our Finnish readers, but it’s available now.

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The company has grown to be one of the most massive startups in the Nordics when looking at user numbers. Today they have 65 million registered users. This helps Truecaller users block up to 5 million users a day, and the company says more than 250,000 spam numbers are being added daily by community members.

“With Truecaller for Android Wear, users will be able to tell right away if the person calling you is a acquaintance, business or scammer, all with a simple glance at your wrist,” Truecaller CEO and Co-Founder Alan Mamedi said. “Now, whether you’re driving in your car, or on a treadmill at the gym, you can easily check who’s calling and dismiss calls without ever breaking a stride or having to pull your phone from your pocket. At Truecaller, we’re committed to pushing our innovation to as many different users and platforms as possible. We’re proud to be one of the first apps to launch on the new line of Android wearables that will help our users improve their lives and the value they get from interacting with their favorite platforms and devices.”

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