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TrueCaller Adds Picture ID To Its Service

TrueCallerRemember TrueCaller? A Swedish startup that we covered last year, a application that removes anonymity from any call that you may receive. That’s one of the most worrying things when it comes to calls from unknown numbers. TrueCaller simply takes charge of finding the identity of the caller and let you know who the person is.

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That’s just one aspect of the service, it also protects you from numbers that are marked as spam by anyone, anywhere. Quite a time saver and a really effective tool to make use of. TrueCaller works in cooperation with directory services and has managed to have registered over 35 million searches per month from its 800,000 users. The latest addition to the service is the integration of the caller’s picture for the person whose number or name might be looked for. This makes TrueCaller the first service to offer picture caller ID.

TrueCaller_pictureThe concept is simple; improve its already efficient caller identification and make recognition of unknown callers a bit easier. Think of it, the idea to integrate your social connections on Facebook, LinkedIn, et cetera to your mobile and use the same to figure out if the person calling is from within your network. More importantly all this is done real time while the call is being made.

I might be a bit far fetched on this one but my I guess with the service growing more popular we might actually not be needing to maintain our phonebooks in the future. Could I be wrong?

You can download the Truecaller for your mobile here.

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