TripSay adds groups to its service, continueing on the strong community path. With groups, users of the service can more easily see what their peers in the same group are doing. Users can also add certain places to different groups.

Juha Huttunen, the CEO, commented groups in the following manner; “We added groups because they are a crucial element for finding people that share the same travel passions. With groups it is now again easier to find tips related to your interest. You can now easily find the places and tips recommended by e.g. fellow surfers or party animals. You can also create your own group with just friends too.”

With regards to their moving out of private beta, Juha Huttunen did not reveal all that much. The list of todo-items isn’t apparently all that long – I’m guessing they are in the final stages of fine tuning code and sorting out the communications things with regard to getting everything in-sync. The launch date is still unsure, but we’re guessing that its set for August.