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The Finnish multi platform game developer RedLynx has announced that it has sold over half a million copies of its popular Trials HD game on the XBOX360 (via Kauppalehti). The game is worth about 1200 Microsoft points which accounts to about 15 USD totalling in 7,5 million USD in sales.

The company itself is also in very good shape financially. RedLynx is already showing some of the success in its finances as 2009 revenues are in the range of three million with a million in profit. Last time RedLynx was profitable was in 2004 with a 356 thousand euro profit. High fluctuations are natural in the gaming business as it takes a long time to build a game and very few are capable of pumping out new games on continuous basis to keep the company constantly profitable.

Trials HD itself is a very addictive game. It’s a platform game where you control a trial motorcycle from a side perspective, trying to advance over, through and in whichever way you are required to pass the obstacles in question. The game is based on an earlier version that was built already after the change of the millenium, so the idea behind it is has been well tested.

Something new in the pipeline
RedLynx has also something new and interesting in the pipeline for mobile devices. They are creating an Ovi Maps Racing game for Nokia phones. The game itself has a revolutionary new feature to it: users are able to use the GPS-device on their phones to locate themselves on the map and then race in the game in the exact same position. The game thus replicates the real world street maps and is initially available in Europe.

It’s these simple sorts of new innovations that gain respect for companies like RedLynx. And there’s a lot to trust, as they were the royal supplier of games to the Nokia N-Gage phones some years ago.