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Treesure Creates Location-Based App For Linnanmäki Amusement Park

Treesure, the location-based interactive storytelling app has told us they have created a location based game for the Linnanmäki amusement park in Helsinki. The concept builds off of what they’ve already created– a service that creates entertaining stories and activities for children based on your location. The app will be available the whole summer at the biggest amusement park in Finland as part of a pilot program to test how users interact with the apps.

The main idea in TreesureGame Linnanmäki is that all the tasks are in fixed locations. For example, if you go to rollercoaster, the task about rollercoaster will appear and so on. Each of the tasks are based on a narrative; there are stories for small children (Such as a clown and missing colors), a story for little bigger kids (a clown has lost its letters), something for older friends, and story on the parks history for older folks.

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On the monetization side, Treesure is using this pilot program to test the hypothesis that a mobile product can increase the amount of money the customer is spending in the park. In TreesureGame Linnanmäki there will be offers on games and kiosk products, which they will use to test user behavior.

On a larger scope, Treesure is planning to expand TreesureGame as a platform for amusement parks, parks, museums, zoos, and shops, who will be able to create their own routes and tasks.

Right now the mapping features are built off the Google Maps API (which works fine for the standard TreesureGame that keeps your kids entertained on the way to the grocery store) but the company has plans on bringing in their own mapping features for parks. You can see how the pilot app will look below.

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