With most of the world’s population still being stuck at home due to the global pandemic, hundreds of new business ideas are being created daily in order to keep society entertained and make the whole ‘stay at home’ process easier to get through. And now there’s a chance to not only hold team meetings, learn new languages and watch live concerts online, but to also travel the world completely for free and without having to leave the couch thanks to the emerging Latvian start-up Roadgames that has just launched a unique adventure app.

‘Roadgames HOME’ is an advanced large-scale digital scavenger hunt experience, made for modern-day explorers out there. All you need to become a part of it, is a smartphone and internet connection. The virtual game takes approximately one hour and consists of five different challenges for every taste that can be played individually or in teams of up to two people. Everyone can become an explorer, learn new facts and visit faraway places that they have always wanted to go to while competing with others regardless of everyone’s location. The only difference in comparison to an actual orienteering trip is that here players navigate through Google Street View looking for photo objects and answers to trivia questions.

Currently there are six different adventure games available that allow to explore New York in the USA, Barcelona in Spain, Verona in Italy, Berlin in Germany, Riga in Latvia, as well as Philippines, but each week a new game is added to the list for players to select their favourite destination and enjoy the virtual adventure on a whole new level. Paris and Amsterdam are just some of the most iconic cities that soon will also be easier to reach than ever. Choose one of the games, explore the map, complete all challenges and move around the city to find the correct answers – that’s how simple yet challenging and competitive the gameplay is.

The emerging Latvian-based start-up Roadgames was launched a year ago as a real-life adventure game platform that offered support with organizing large team events and orientation challenges all over Baltics. However, due to the current public gathering restrictions across the globe Roadgames have quickly adapted their business model and now operate as an advanced digital platform available through an app. Roadgames is a part of software organisation ‘Draugiem Group’ that currently houses 16 start-ups and is one of the most successful and profitable companies in Latvia with over € 500 000 already invested in the Roadgames brand funding. With the help of dedicated professionals, the app development process took a month from the initial idea to the official launch, and the virtual version of the platform is designed to be as close as possible to the real travel and competition experience.

“Not only people but also companies need to adapt to the new conditions. With Roadgames we went from a real-life experience to virtual reality to help minimizing risks to the public health and providing support at the same time. Getting people out in the world and forming new communities is our passion and we are ready to share it with the world. Roadgames is a great way to connect with friends and family during these challenging times when we don’t see these people in person. And it is also a great opportunity to explore a city you have never been to or plan to visit once the quarantine is over. No one knows what the future holds, but what we know for sure is that we want to keep developing Roadgames concept and add more exciting features as we go,” Martins Licis, head of Roadgames marketing comments.

Roadgames app is available free-of-charge on App Store and Google Play.

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