Travel App Trip Republic Raises Seed Funding

Trip Republic, a travel application that integrates additional services into a travel planner, has raised a 200,000 euros seed investment from business angels.

The startup has integrated supply from travel industry leaders such as Skyscanner, Foursquare, Uber, Viagogo and Musement. Travel events and items can now be added to “trips” and booked using Trip Republic.

“Our product is a large step towards the dream of ‘no fuss’ seamless travel,” says Joen Schauman, co-founder and CEO of Trip Republic. “We aim to make the step from looking to booking a lot easier.”

“We are creating a solution where travellers are inspired by other travellers and are offered the possibility to book all aspects of travel at the most affordable price,” he said.

Trip Republic team sold earlier this year its previous travel industry startup FridayFlats to Finnish firm Forenom.