Transfluent Translating Spanish Football Clubs Social Media To Four Languages

    No matter what language you speak, football is understandable to everyone in the world. Unfortunately, their PR is not. To help fans around the world connect with their teams, The Spanish La Liga footbal clubs Sevilla FC, Athletic Bilbao, and Osasuna are now using Transfluent to commmunicate with fans on social media in English, Japanese, Chinese, and Arabic.

    The clubs will still be posting in Spanish, but all outgoing messages will be visible to fans in their native languages. Transfluent acts like a complete middleman. Fans can write comments and ask questions in their native language, and the club can read and reply using Spanish, which will then be translated again.

    “Our fans are important to us. We know we have loyal fans all over Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Talking to them wherever they are in the world is an incredible opportunity,” says Fran Romera, Marketing Manager of Sevilla FC.

    Helsinki-based Transfluent recently announced a $1 million round and has opened offices in New York and Singapore. The company employs 15 000 freelancers and supports 60 languages. The company prides itself in fast turnaround times, allowing translations to appear in “near real time.” The average turnaround of a Twitter post is five minutes.