Transferwise in pictures

    Transferwise took their mostly London-based team to Tallinn for some team building – an annual summer event for the company. There they took the world’s largest human-made currency symbol, an actual category in the Guinness Book of World Records, where Transferwise brought in 350 people from 35 different nationalities. It overtook the previous world record of 327 people, held by the now heartbroken North East Chamber of Commerce (UK).

    On top of transferring currency the company specializes in photo ops involving their staff, such as the sleepy themed (wake up to hidden fees!) or these spooky skeletons walking around London. (RIP Hidden Fees).

    Transferwise has also activated that brand by blowing bubbles through London – to clean up the banks (metaphoracly).

    And then, of course, you can’t forget the 2edgy4you “nothing2hide” corporate flashmob where they got kinda naked to prove they don’t have any hidden fees, which are usually hidden under bankers suits.

    If you have any more brand activation ideas for Transferwise, let us know in the comments.