Top Reasons for Incorporating Memes into Popular Social Media Content

In an era, when several consumers are in the habit of skipping ads whenever possible, marketing with familiar media and with humour could help in engaging hard-reach consumers. Meme marketing could prove to be an inexpensive way of creating intriguing content that attracts a tremendous amount of follower engagement for professional storytellers like entrepreneurs, digital marketers, creative professionals, and entertainers. Memes generally come in the form of static pictures and GIFs on social media. These memes are usually relating to familiar themes, phenomena, or meanings. Moreover, they often come layered with relevant text that appears over the picture or on top of the picture.


As per Forbes, there could be a dozen different ways of defining a meme. However, Merriam Webster believes that memes are humorous pictures, videos, and pieces of text that seem to be copied sometimes, with wee-bit variations and transmitted by Internet users rapidly.

It is a well-known fact that brands from practically every industry have been using memes actively, but one brand that is involved in upholding memes is the Philadelphia Flyers. We all know that the NHL team had come up with a Twitter account that was operated by Gritty, its mascot. In a couple of years, Gritty had ended up gathering over 278,000 followers and experienced an incredible boost on his follower count.

Why Should You Integrate Memes into Social Media?

Memes Are Supposed To Be Topical

The moment a meme is introduced in the digital space, it starts performing to its utmost capacity and potential. You may move fast for making the most of the meme momentum. Studies have revealed that on social media, user behaviour is hugely impacted by topical interests. Topical memes stride well ahead of the competition. Brands must understand what topics resonate with their target audience and accordingly create memes.

Memes Help in Building Trust & Credibility

Researchers have come to understand that people tend to feel that a statement is correct provided there is a picture along with it. It is the chief reason why memes should be incorporated into your social media stratagem. An influencer may go about actively promoting a product, but everyone can see the underlying motive. However, sharing entertaining content, it helps to boost the user’s affinity and attraction towards the influencer and even the product that is promoted passively. Memes help in building trust and elevating credibility when combined with cultural understanding.

Memes Are Cost-Effective Content

You can see that Instagram memes are dominating your feed. That is particularly because it is trendy to use memes for boosting your overall Instagram engagement; hence, brands and businesses are too eager to jump on board. Businesses have realized the power, and importance of Instagram memes, particularly in terms of establishing brand identity, boosting engagement, increasing the follower count, and driving product interest. In this context, you can buy real Instagram followers to increase your follower count instantaneously.

Memes can use content that has been generated by other individuals hence; there is no need for creating an authentic picture or video on every occasion. Memes help in saving your time and money that would be required for producing original content. You have the liberty to use existing media by incorporating a brilliant twist or a new caption. There is no need to feel worried about your limited design abilities and skills.

Memes Help in Supporting a Community Feeling

Memes are hilarious. They are great for fostering community feeling among all your followers. They help in generating a fantastic sense of belonging as your target audience can easily relate to your specific situation referred by you. Everybody seems to be part of the same joke.

Social Sharing Could Leverage Crucial Emotional Responses 

Studies reveal that people are motivated to share content online predominantly because of getting emotional validation. Emotional validation is, therefore, a key motivation for sharing a majority of your content. When you come across a meme that matches your present mood you feel like sharing that validation. This sort of content can become viral in no time; however, it would be having a variable lifespan. You should keep in mind that memes leave a more profound impact, as compared to, longer-running conventional marketing campaigns irrespective of their lifespan. One effective way of harnessing emotional validation is by sharing your spin on popular memes on your Instagram account to reach more followers. You may use the versatile audience targeting tool of Facebook, which is an impressive repository of data. It could prove to help craft and target meme content to reach an audience interested in sharing it.


Memes are gaining traction by the day. They have become phenomenally popular, and they appear across social media and visual content platforms such as Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram & IGTV, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Today, more and more businesses are embracing memes as a super-effective vehicle for implementing their marketing stratagems.