Motorious to launch Top Gear games

Helsinki-based game developer Motorious Entertainment has closed a 500,000 euro seed investment from two Nordic investment companies to develop and publish a series of Top Gear Games in co-operation with BBC Worldwide.

Motorious is licensing the Top Gear IP, which has over 400 million fans around the globe, and launching three free-to-play mobile games related to the series. The first is aimed to launch on iOS & Android at the end of 2016, with the other two coming in 2017.

“The Top Gear brand is very familiar to me, and I understand the essence of the IP, which is about so much more than cars,” Jari Pauna, CEO and Creative Director of Motorious, said in a statement. “Our investors were impressed with how we have developed a game series that fits so well with the world famous IP and with our co-operation with BBC Worldwide, which will grant us valuable access to promote the game in all of the BBC’s Top Gear channels.”


The first game with a working title, Top Gear the Road Trip. Players embark on a road trip and play through some familiar favorites, such as launching the Reliant Robin Space Shuttle into space, Amphibious Cars, Car Football and Toyota Hilux Destruction, among others.

Casual match three control mechanics enable players to progress on a map from England to France, through the Alps, Italy and onwards on a road trip saga. Strategy, planning, and car tuning are essential for winning the puzzle races and reach various Top Gear challenge levels.