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Top 30 Startups From The Nordics/Baltics: Arctic15 Finalists Announced, Your Vote Needed.

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The Arctic15:Exit Path conference is just around the corner, and we have our pitching finalists but need your help to narrow down the choice to 15 companies that will attend the main event.

To do so, just vote for your favorite at the bottom of the article, and if you leave your e-mail you will have a chance to win a ticket to Arctic15:Exit Path, The Exits Workshop or one of our T-Shirts. Of course you could get the ticket right away too, as the Early Bird deal expires in less than a week.

The selected startups will get free attendance to the conference and will have the opportunity to pitch in front of our judges and investors. The main prize is over €14 000, but as we have said previously – it is not about the money. For example Harri Kerminen & Timo Ahopelto will be among our judges, together with our top international guests.

There will be over €35 billion worth of VC’s and angels in the room, plenty of media and important guests, and pitching/winning in front of them can be all the exposure you need to finance and start your hockey stick growth. 

Don’t take our word for it, our previous Arctic15 pitching competition participants include the likes of: Kiosked, Holvi, The Eye Tribe, 46 Elks, Transfluent, Infogr.am, Ovelin, Pipedrive and more, who have together raised tens of millions of euros.

So without further adieu, here are our TOP 30 in alphabetical order: 

  • Agaidi, Finland – E-Commerce intelligence for retail shops. Tracks shopping carts, baskets, movement of people inside shops.
  • Ambronite, Finland – Organic drinkable meal that fulfils daily nutrition recommendations. Basically a meal replacement for the busy, but a healthy one.
  • Biex, Estonia – Stick a patch on your arm while working out, take a picture of it with your phone and get a complete personalised training optimisation based on molecular response.
  • Bliu Bliu, Lithuania – The fun way to learn languages. Use the internet and learn a new language at the same time in a natural way.
  • Browserbite, Estonia – Automatic cross browser testing on mobile devices. Basically test your website on 45+ devices and browsers and detect issues automatically.
  • BuzzTale, Latvia – The enterprise story network. In essence they bring storytelling tools to the enterprise, with an aim to create engaging employee-sourced content.
  • Coinmotion, Finland – An easy way to buy, store and use bitcoin. The idea is to make Bitcoin so easy that a monkey could use it.
  • Cosmethics, Finland – Brings ethics to cosmetics. Teaches consumers about the safety of the cosmetic products that they are using.
  • Das Data, Norway – Data as a service platform. Connect all possible sensor, device, computer data, visualize it & share it. Basically it’s Flickr for datasets.
  • DonateIT, Estonia – Track & share your blood donations, how much you donated, when you can do it next time, etc. Makes blood donations socially engaging – basically compete with your friends on how many lives you have saved.
  • Ekin Labs, Finland – Making homes secure with a simple WiFi device. In essence, the promise is to turn any WiFi into a burglar/security system without the need to install anything else.
  • Epresale, Finland – Aims to get rid of lines in bars, clubs, shops. Order and pay for drinks, food, hotel, ticket, etc, with your phone.
  • Froont, Latvia – Github for web designers. This is a tool for doing responsive web design on the fly.
  • Founder Solutions, Finland – Helps founders divide equity equally in startups, companies or even imaginary situations during the whole lifecycle of the company.
  • GoWorkABit, Estonia – A market for short-term jobs. Let’s companies find workforce for exactly how long they need them and do it fast.
  • HobbyDeed, Finland -Group calendar that connects coaches, teams, associations and families together around a sport or a combination of sports.
  • Irofit, Finland – Mobile credit card payment solution that does not require internet to work, targeting developing countries.
  • Listnerd, Norway – Tripadvisor for entertainment. Allows anyone to create, share & rate lists of anything.
  • Loomideck, Lithuania -Social network for the enterprise that has a promise to make anything work with a maximum of 2 clicks.
  • Maxtraffic, Latvia – Helps to increase conversions on sites by showing relevant messages depending on user actions.
  • Musopia (FourChords), Finland – Aims to create the fastest way to learn to play musical instruments. The first app in the series was FourChords.
  • Oppo, Latvia – Find an opponent in any sport or even a whole team.
  • Scorefellas, Latvia – Play sport (or other) prediction games/tournaments. Unlike other alternatives, you can create your own tournaments, prizes, etc.
  • Smarp, Finland – Inspire your employees to share company content to external social networks and reward them for it.
  • StartHQ, Finland – Search all of your cloud services in one place. Basically search your Gmail, Dropbox, Twitter, Links, etc all in one place.
  • Tellyo, Finland – Share what you just saw on TV with your friends. In essence – making TV watching social and shareable.
  • TrackDuck, Lithuania – Visual feedback for web design and development. Let clients, visitors, developers test your website and collaborate in real-time.
  • Visitret Displays, Estonia – E-Paper displays big enough for outdoor advertising and displays.
  • Wellbiome, Estonia – Wellness service that creates a nutrition plan based on DNA analysis of gut microbiome that is specific to you.
  • Wonderloop, Norway – A social network based on video profiles of no more than 20 seconds in length.
  • Vote for your favourite below and win tickets to Arctic15, or just buy them here. The public vote will be used in conjunction with the votes by our judges and will affect the final selection. The voting will end on the 15th of May at 12:00.

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