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TOP 30 Nordic/Baltic Startups 2018 Revealed

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For us, the TOP list of startups is not a show of who has already achieved great success, that list is an easy one to make, instead, we want to find companies that are yet to make their names.

We want to know about the Supercell’s and Spotify’s of the region, before anyone else, and we hope that they are on this list. Together with FIBAN, we have selected the TOP 30 Nordic & Baltic companies that are only just starting on their paths to success.

The companies below are also participating in the Arctic15 event’s Funding Program, and one or more of them will take home a funding syndicate round right at the event. You can also influence which company that will be, by voting at the very bottom of this article or by following this link. Without further adieu, here are the companies:

Adesante, Finland – Using VR to improve surgeries in a completely new way. Putting the industry achievement to good use.

Arilyn, Finland – As augmented reality becomes more widely accessible, brands want to use the technology. Arilyn does for AR what WordPress did for web development.

Black Eye, Finland – Mobile phone cameras are becoming nearly as good as semi-professional DSLR’s, but the lenses remain a problem. This is where Black Eye Lenses comes in.

CastPrint, Latvia – Limb fracture technology has not really changed much in 200 years. CastPrint uses 3D printing to reimagine fracture treatment.

CENOS, Latvia – Engineering companies now use a lot of simulation software, unfortunately, it costs a lot. CENOS is building a platform for simulation apps that will bring that price down.

Decomer Technology, Estonia – Packaging that disappears, or rather – melts when in touch with water. This company makes eco-friendly polymers.

Dermtest, Estonia – Turning family doctors into skin specialists with special software and devices.

Fishency Innovation, Norway – Sea lice problems cost over €1 billion to the Norwegian Fish farmers, by monitoring their population with technology Fishency will make that problem go away.

Future Dialog, Finland – Smart Cities startups, aiming to help involve citizens in every aspect of running a city.

Hiber, Sweden – Minecraft for creating your own games with friends. No need to learn how to code in order to create the games you always wanted.

Hooves, Denmark – Airbnb for horseback riding, connecting horses and owners.

Iconicchain, Finland – A new way to track and adhere to regulatory compliance.

INVIGOS, Sweden – Enabling anyone to become a great writer, using a set of tools to guide you through the process.

Keho Interactive, Finland – AR/VR content is not only for you to use, but also for the TV and Broadcaster companies. Keho Interactive makes this technology accessible and affordable for broadcasters.

Kliffa Innovations, Finland – Booking platform for underused spaces in cities.

Koepala, Finland – Redesigning food packaging to be more ergonomic, cost-efficient and eco-friendly.

Ovao Technologies Limited – Virtual assistant for swimmers, that easily attaches to any swimming goggles.

Oxipit, Lithuania – Adding AI and deep-learning to X-Rays by matching any new X-Ray images with millions in the existing hospital databases.

PomoDonė UAB, Lithuania – Adding the Pomodoro time-management technique to any of your existing productivity app.

Rakka Creative Oy, Finland – A company creating cinematic VR content.

Screenful, Finland – Visualise your teams progress on a dashboard, with data taken from all of your existing productivity and communication apps.

Simlab IT Oy, Finland – Allowing training companies to create VR/AR training simulations, especially stress induced ones for emergency training.

SmoothTeam Oy, Finland – SmoothTeam provides a gamified team development tool, so teams in companies can work more efficiently.

Sp8ces, Denmark – Modifying existing and underutilized spaces into coworking environment. Think hotels, restaurants and cafe’s.

SpinDrive, Finland – SpinDrive provides high-speed drivetrains with active magnetic bearings for equipment manufacturers.

TalentAdore, Finland – Virtual Recruitment Assistant that helps to get in touch with every applicant, whether accepted or rejected. Nobody gets left behind.

Tolkify, Denmark – Getting a live-interpreter for any need, on-demand.

Treamer, Finland – A company helping find temporary employees in the moment.

Tripster, Finland – AI tool to automate all travel expenses and receipt reporting.

Witrafi, Finland – Witrafi is providing a service covering the full parking journey from start to finish.

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