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Toggl is an Estonian online service that enables freelancers to jot down their hours for client projects. The service has more than 15 million hours logged so far. A premium version of the service was launched in 2008 and in 2010 the service reached break even. With about 9500 daily users and about 1600 of them paying, Toggl is onto a steady, but strong growth path. Toggls is also a testbed for a Garage48 type of service development initiative by Mooncascade called Sprint48. Mooncascade is an Estonian software development company, where as Sprint48 is a new kind of web development process where Mooncascade will try to create concrete results in mere 48 hours.

While there are close to 10 000 daily users, overall Toggl has some 110 000 registered users and the community is growing. The service also sources most of their new feature ieas from the community to guide development. Currently, most of the requests are related to the desktop client of the service. This is also the product, Mooncascade will attempt to ship in 48 hours – to test this new kind of development process. The project started on Thursday and thus the work should be done by tomorrow afternoon. Mooncascade is hacking away at the Garage48 HUB, which is a new co-working space in Tallinn.

Rapid development of web applications is an extremely popular way to develop in today’s world. Companies such as Futurice and Kisko Labs (ArcticStartup share holder) pursue rapid application development with their clients. These have enabled the companies to grow faster than the market on average. Futurice’s 2009 revenues were close to 8 million euros when in 2005 they were only 1 million euro.

Nevertheless, Toggl and Sprint48 are great examples of new kind of approaches to simple problems. Be it the challenge of time tracking or fast product development – startups have fantastic chances at improving the way things are done on the market at large.

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