Tieto launches data incubator

The top Nordic IT services firm Tieto will launch on Tuesday at ArcticStartup’s Reverse Pitching event a data-focused incubator, which will be led by Taneli Tikka.

Tieto Data Incubator will work closely together with the ecosystem and the emphasis is on Nordic startups and innovators, including Tieto’s own employees.

“Data-driven idea means that data is at the core of the business idea or business logic. Analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, data brokerage and data marketplaces, for example, are all possible models,” Tikka said in a statement.


How to measure whether your idea is data driven?

“There is also an inverse test to check if an idea is data-driven: what happens if you remove the data from your idea? In analytics consulting, nothing much will happen; you can still carry on consulting. But if your idea is something like intelligent garbage bins and truck routes for their orchestrated collection and you remove the data, you have nothing to go on. Clearly, the former is not a data-driven idea, whereas the latter clearly is,” Tikka said.

“Tieto Data Incubator is like a top-notch racing team: we have a super car waiting for you here. All the required technology. The pit crew is standing by, and catering is arranged. Everything is ready for you to come here as the driver and decide what data-driven idea to work on,” he said in the statement.

Fredrik Ring introduced the incubator at Reverse Pitching. Photos: Polina Novikova