Tictail Launches Popup Shop With Cheap Monday, Growing 14% Per Week

    Swedish e-commerce solution Tictail has launched a “digital pop-up store” in collaboration with Cheap Monday, the Swedish fashion retailer. The service offers Cheap Monday’s Facebook fans early access to the retailer’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection a couple days before the show’s fashion week in Stockholm.

    The online shop is using Tictail’s new “Exclusive Access” product which uses a login feature that lets only Facebook fans access Cheap Monday’s Tictail store with a code distributed to Facebook fans.

    “The Cheap Monday Sneak Peek Shop is a unique example of how sales can actually increase customer loyalty,” explains Carl Waldekranz, CEO of Tictail.

    Tictail hasn’t shied away from their e-commerce solution that allows anyone to open up a free online shop. We covered Tictail’s launch last May, and have liked the solution enough to open up our own store where you can buy ArcticStartup t-shirts and stickers.

    The platform allow for much more beautifully designed storefronts than what we’ve quickly thrown together, and is just rolling out a “to-do list” style backend where you can easily knock out orders and find new ways to promote your store.

    “Our number one focus has always been to create an e-commerce solution that not only lets you setup shop, but also helps you sell more and get closer to your consumers,” Says Waldekranz. “Exclusive Access is one of the ways we’re allowing brands to build customer loyalty while driving sales but it’s only one update of many to follow for the upcoming months.”

    Waldekranz tells us Tictail been growing about 14% per week of active stores since launch, leading them to double ever 5-6 weeks.

    “What’s even cooler is the community that has taken shape around the platform, we see everything from user generated Tictail tutorials to tons of praise being sent to our support, so we feel that we’re on to something big.”