Did you follow ArcticStartup from day one?

    On this week’s Throwback Thursday piece we go back in time to the first days of ArcticStartup. Can you imagine it has been already almost eight years since the blog was started: the first blog post is dated 20th of September in 2007.

    Here’s the first official news post on the blog:

    Aito Technologies secures financing from Conor Venture Partners

    Aito technologies secures financing from Conor Venture Partners. Conor Venture Partners have recently taken Mr Jari Mieskonen aboard to become a Managing Partner. Mr Mieskonen has also joined the Board of Directors in Aito with the investment. The amount invested is not disclosed, but it will help Aito in the product developement and market growth (Press release).

    Read more about Aito Technologies Oy.

    First post and how the author remembers it

    To actually reminisce that moment when the first article was published, I contacted Antti Vilpponen, one of the co-founders of ArcticStartup and the author of the first article, to find out how does he remember starting the blog.

    “I can’t remember how we found the topic for the first piece, but I remember that our minds were full of questions with Miikka while posting the first article. Anyhow, I had learned through my previous blogging experiences that the posts will be developed throughout the way as the process is iterated,” says Vilpponen.

    “One of the biggest questions was that how we’ll make people interested about the topics and who would actually be into in this sort of tech blogging,” continues Vilpponen.

    As it is fun to look back – How do you find ArcticStartup has evolved over time?