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This Years Top 30 Startups in The Nordics/Baltics: Arctic15

This was one tough weekend. OP, FIBAN & ArcticStartup were busy selecting the top startups in the Nordics and Baltics, who are battling to win the €50 000 investment and other prizes in the OP Pitching Competition @ Arctic15.

Check out the full list below. We have never received so many applicants from the whole region: Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania were all present and below are the absolute best according to our panel of judges.

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You can now help them win, by simply casting your vote below or on the competition page. By leaving us your e-mail, you will also have a chance to win a free Arctic15 ticket & our T-Shirt. But of course you can also get the ticket right away too, the prices are going up this week.

Those that win, will receive free entrance to Arctic15 and a chance to pitch to our judges to win the main prize and the fame that comes with it. We are expecting over €50 billion worth of VC’s and investors at the conference, over 40 media representatives and many potential clients and supporters. Join the elite list of previous finalists that have together raised over €55 000 000 and include names such as: Smarp, Kiosked, The Eye Tribe, Holvi, Transfluent, Infogr.am, Ovelin, Pipedrive, and many others.

Here are our TOP 30 in Alphabetical order:

720 Degrees, Finland – Improving performance through corporate environment. Great traction and a working product.

Apprl, Sweden – Going head to head with Google and Facebook for lifestyle traffic. Traction from brands like Gina Tricot and Aller.

Assetti, Finland – Property management reinvented. Extremely impressive sales pipeline.

Bitrec, Lithuania – Makes sure that visitors buy everything that you are selling and more. Customers are already paying for it.

Boldgadgets, Estonia – Not sure if they want us to say what they do yet. But you will not be able to live without one. We saw a video.

Branchtrack, Latvia – Making corporate training fun and efficient. They have paying and impressive customers.

Cosmethics, Finland – Making sure your cosmetic items are good for you. Impressed by the retention rate.

Cozify, Finland – Home automation and and IoT are all the buzz. Cozify wants to win that market. First version of the product – sold out.

EntoCube, Finland – Ends world hunger. Enough said. (Usually we joke about startups doing that. Not this time.)

Fourdeg, Finland – Install in 2 minutes, save 30% of heating energy. Pre-order numbers are impressive.

Froont, Latvia – Second time in the TOP 30. Unites designers and developers. Tens of thousands of users.

Guaana, Estonia – Solving technology transfer through crowdsourcing. That’s big. Pre-launch but a big community already gathered.

InSelly, Latvia – Finds Instagram sales offers. Thousands of users with double digit growth.

Leeluu, Finland – Making something kids will love and will not fall asleep without. Saw a prototype, cant wait to get it.

Mainlaws, Sweden – Lawyers as a service. Finally. Launched in February and did many deals since.

Newsreps, Sweden – Uber for journalism. Very interesting tech in the back.

MentorDanmark, Denmark – Everyone needs a mentor, they help you get one. Two years old with an extremely impressive turnover.

Norsepower, Finland – Saving fuel for large ships. A lot of fuel. Millions worth.

Powermemo, Finland – Makes meetings actionable. Got paying customers immediately.

PromoRepublic, Estonia – Automated marketing agency for a small business. Over a thousand users after just two months.

Sentab, Estonia – Social network for seniors through TV.

Sorry As A Service, Estonia – An API and analytics platform for apologies. Really.

Statbeat, Finland – Tournament automation. Got the biggest clubs in the industry using it just 8 months since launch.

Taxigo, Estonia – Taxi app goes delivery. Amazing traction and growth on the Taxi side, ready for delivery before most others.

Upsteem, Estonia – Full talent management system for HR. Got traction and revenue.

Vulpine Games , Finland – Great team, ready to make amazing games. Focusing on an extreme social aspect.

Weld.io, Sweden – App creation as easy as making a presentation. Rocked ProductHunt recently.

Wellmo, Finland – Corporate wellness and preventative healthcare. Ready to go international.

Yoogaia, Finland – Live interactive yoga lessons. Already in over 50 countries with revenues.

ZeroKeyboard, Finland – Collect data without typing. Magic. Paying customers and solid pipeline.

Special Mentions:

We felt like some companies deserved a special mention, as it was very close.


Cast your votes below and don’t forget to grab your Arctic15 tickets. The voting will end on the 17th of May at 12:00.

Top Image Courtesy of Shutterstock // Winner

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