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Our completely new discussions area gained a lot of traction this week and people were debating on a variety of issues. This is exactly why we build the whole discussions -feature, there’s a lot to talk about! It was great to see many new companies and ideas also being promoted on the forum, not to mention the good advice and tips the world is full of. If you’re not actively following the discussions, I sincerely invite you to do so. All you need to do is sign in with you ArcticIndex username and password, or if you haven’t registered yet – you can do so over here. Below, I’ll go through some of this week’s top discussions.

That’s it, those are perhaps the 10 most voted and discussed issues in our discussions area. Sign in with your ArcticIndex credentials, or register to the service to participate in the discussions and have your say what are the most important issues of the week by voting the topics.

Image by Tim Morgan

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